Relationships to other service providers

Studio 61 Wealth Management supervises one Appointed Representative, which supports clients in London.

Pension Expert 4 U Ltd

Pension Expert 4 U Ltd is appointed and supervised by Studio 61 Wealth Management Ltd. Pension Expert 4 U Ltd specialises in providing independent, regulated financial advice and planning services to individuals, small companies and charities. Pension Expert 4 U Ltd can also help small companies and charities who want help and advice meeting the requirement of the 2008 Pensions Act. This requirement is often referred to as Auto Enrolment.

Pension Expert 4 U Ltd is also authorised to provide a wide range of pensions and financial advice to corporate and individual clients. You can see Pension Expert 4 U Lttd's entry on the Financial Conduct Authority's website here.

Studio 61 Wealth Management has relationships with professional bodies for regulation and supervision.

Studio 61 Wealth Management uses a completely independent software for managing client investment portfolios and planning tasks.