Corporate Consultancy

Our corporate consultancy focusses on the financial aspects of business decisions.

We work mainly for smaller companies with less than 250 employees. We would consider larger consultancy work if we though we could resource the work.

Some examples of work we can do for you:

  • If you are considering purchasing or selling a significant stake in a private company we can give an estimate of value based on a number of parameters such as earnings or book value.
  • If you are considering taking on debt we can help by calculating potential investment returns. We can then compare the returns calculated with other types of investments. We will do the analysis based on a number of scenarios; the examples could be based on your best and worse case scenarios.
  • You are running a profitable business and would like to take money out of the business as a combination of salary, dividends and payment to a pension and would like help in deciding, which proportion should go where.

If you want help to select and structure life and health insurance solutions to protect the business in the case of death or significant illness of shareholders, directors or employees we can do that too.

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