Annual Membership Value Investor Research

If you subscribe for an annual membership for value investor research you will have access to all value investment based research analyses on individual securities on our database.

We add a minimum of 24 reports per year.

Reports are mostly limited to two pages and cover analysis and commentary on value metrics covering:

  • Size and prominence of company
  • How the company is financed and whether it is conservatively financed
  • Dividend record with short commentary
  • Earnings record with commentary and assessment of price versus earnings
  • Relationship between price and book value

We will also include analysis of other metrics if they look significant. The most frequently covered are depreciation and return on equity.

Please note that if you do not understand some of these terms we recommend you do some research to understand the meaning of the terms. A good place to get definitions of the terms used in the reports is Investopedia.

Our reports give value investors an understanding of the significance of the values for the statistics used in value analysis. The statistics will help you to make investment decisions for individual securities. The final decision is yours and we recommend you read our pages on how to use the downloadable reports, types of investor and value investing.