Fee Structure

The maximum charge for an ongoing service is as follows:

  • 3% initial fee based on the value of assets to be managed
  • 1% ongoing fee based on the value of the assets to be managed

These are maximum values and can be discounted based on the payment method and level of service required.

The initial fee is calculated based on a number of parameters.

  • The valuation of the assets
  • The number of accounts required
  • The amount of research required to create the initial set of accounts
  • The amount of research required to create the initial investment portfolio
  • Specialist tasks like transferring pensions or advising on taking pension benefits
  • Whether there are any specialist investment vehicles such as EIS’s, VCT’s or private company shares.

If your solutions contain all of the items in the list and you needed 10 accounts to be arranged than you could expect the full 3% initial fee.

However, if you do not have all the items in the list and you only need a few accounts you can expect a much lower initial fee. We will always agree any fee wth you before doing any work.


The following services can be paid for using provider commissions. We will always give an option to you for a fixed fee alternative.

  • Life insurance
  • Business protection
  • Mortgages

Private Medical Insurance work is all done on a commission basis and there is no fixed fee alternative.

Fixed fees

A fixed fee for specific tasks not included as part of a service will be individually defined and quoted for you.

Some examples of tasks done as a fixed fee are listed below.

  • You may choose to manage some assets yourself and want investment advice for these assets.
  • You have sold a property abroad and want to know what to do with the proceeds.
  • You may want to undertake a pension transfer and then manage the funds yourself.

Research fees

  • £25 for older reports and £100 for newer research for downloading individual security analysis reports from the shop page
  • There are various pricing options available for unlimited access to research reports on the ‘Membership‘ page.
  • Detailed analysis of individual companies is available on request

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