How to use downloadable value reports

There are a number of factors to take into account when considering the purchase or sale of securities. If you are using these reports it is likely that you are not taking financial planning or investment advice from Studio 61 Wealth Management. For this reason Studio 61 Wealth Management takes no responsibility for the investment outcomes as a result of your use of the information in the downloadable reports.

We do advise you to take account of a number of items when considering making investment selections. We especially advise you how to use the data in the downloadable reports. Please read the sections below before choosing downloadable reports.

What kind of investor are you?

We refer to two types of investor in the downloadable reports. Please refer to our types of investor page and decide which one fits you.

Definition of investing

We recommend you use the data in the downloadable reports for investing. Our definition for investing is included here. We want to emphasise the difference between investing, speculating and trading.


No matter how attractive a particular security seems to you we urge you to diversify your portfolio between a number of securities and assets classes.

What are your investment objectives?

Make sure you understand what you are trying to get from your investments. Consider parameters such as income, safety of principle, capital growth and volatility when making your selections.

Your personal circumstances

One of the main reasons we cannot be held liable for your investment outcomes is that we do not understand your personal situation. The type of parameters you should consider when making investment selections are included in the bulleted list below.

  • Your assets versus liabilities.
  • Income versus expenditure.
  • Your attitude to risk.
  • Your stage in life.
  • Number and situation of your dependants.
  • Your capacity for loss, which is affected by the rest of the items in this list.

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