Studio 61 Wealth Management conducts its business with a set of values in mind. The list of values started with a list a lot longer than the one you can see here. In order to get the values in the list a number of other significant values were excluded. The purpose of stating the values is to allow clients, employees, and business partners to judge whether they would like to be associated with a business with these values.


  • The regulator for financial firms, The Financial Conduct Authority lists integrity as the first principle it applies when regulating financial firms.
  • It is also the first principle of business for Studio 61.
  • Integrity includes ideas such as honesty and soundness, which are important in financial matters.
  • To us integrity also means to do what we say we are going to do and be quick to explain if we aren’t going to do something.


  • In our communication with you we strive for clarity and we want you to be as clear with us as you can.
  • We want you to ask questions. If there is anything in our communication, which does not make sense to you, please ask.


  • Studio 61 Wealth Management views courage as the determination to say and do what is appropriate at the relevant time.
  • There are times when we undertake analysis, which suggests a different outcome to the one a client might be expecting. We will report our analysis and then either work on that basis or undertake further work. But, our clients will get the analysis and the implications.
  • This quality applies for our dealings with you and for your dealings with us.


  • We provide solutions for clients and the solutions we provide are dependent on each person’s individual circumstances. This means that no two answers are the same.
  • We use the term ‘bespoke’ a lot. Bespoke is used a lot in fashion and tailoring and we like that analogy. Our solutions are designed to fit you and probably only you.


  • Wisdom is the intelligent application of knowledge. Our professional body, the Chartered Insurance Institute ensures that we have the appropriate knowledge to provide a wide range of solutions for you. Questioning you and listening to your answers allows us to intelligently apply that knowledge to your situation.