Bespoke Research Reports

Studio 61 Wealth Management provides a service to investors for bespoke research reports to help investment decision makers. Our input can help with decisions on investments in private equity, listed securities and business investment decisions.

If you are considering any type of investment we can provide analysis to support an investment decision. We will calculate Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value numbers based on your own assumptions and explain what this means for your investment.

If you want more in depth analysis of the capital structure of a listed entity we can provide indications of the parts of the capital structure that provide the best type of investment depending on your objectives. Please note we do not cover banks for this type of analysis, but we cover most other sectors.

We support clients considering the sale or purchase of a business. We conduct value analysis and commentary to support a valuation of a business. The valuation we provide can help with the negotiation on price on the buying or selling side.

Please contact us for more information.